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How do I login to Sybase (ASE)

Oct 26, 2016 at 08:57 PM


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Dear Experts,

I sincerely apologize and I do realize that this is a very lame post, but I'm a total noob in Sybase ASE. I just installed a NetWeaver 7.4 system based on this database and I urgently need to activate the truncate log, because the transaction volume (it's on Windows) is getting full.

I found to command how to do it, but I'm unable to login to the instance. I found, that I (most probably) need to use isql and I found the exe file but I can't login. When I type isql, it asks for a password, and when I enter the password which I provided during the SAP installation, it says wrong password. Then I found somewhere, that I need to enter:

isql ServiceName UserName Password

OK, Username and Password - I can figure them out. But what is the Service Name ? How shall I proceed ? I found many commands like use master; go; etc. but I don't even know where to type them.

Thanks for your support and I sincerely apologize for my complete helplessness :-)

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1 Answer

Maria Victoria NORMAND
Oct 27, 2016 at 01:42 PM

Hello Symon,

For SAP ASE being used on SAP Business Suite/Business Warehouse environments it is strongly NOT recommended to truncate log.
You have to schedule backups of your database transaction log which in ASE terminology means to do a dump transaction.
Please refer to those SAP Notes:

1585981 - SYB: Ensuring Recoverability for SAP ASE <<< to understand why you cannot truncate the log
1588316 - SYB: Configure automatic database and log backups <<< to schedule the dump transaction

Besides that, to use isql command line you should be logged as user "syb<sid>, then:

isql -S<your_SID_here> -Usapsa -P<sapsa_password> -X

Best regards,

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