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Lumira not able to visualize "gaps" in time series data

Hello SAP community,

lets say I want to plot the number of purchases (real valued; y-axis) over time (date object; x-axis) of a particular customer. The raw data comes from a table on purchase level so that the total count per day/month etc needs to be calculated first by the engine. Lets suppose that for some reason the customer did purchase something in the first and last months but nothing in the middle of the year. If I use a bar chart to visualize the purchases of the customer over the complete year then only bars are shown where y > 0. Simply because there is no explicit "y = 0" generated for those months where no purchase was made by the customer. However, it is important to also highlight these gaps by also including bars of height 0, at least between the first and the last date of purchase activity. I would even argue that this kind of behavior should be set as default whenever the dimension on the x-axis is of type date (or numeric). Just like in a scatter plot where distances in both directions matter, not only on the y-axis.

Any suggestions for a workaround to this problem?

Best, Paul

Edit: Please note that this is not an issue for "Time Series" charts. However, it is an issue for e.g. "Columng & Bar" charts.

Edit2: I am running Lumira Discovery 2.1 SP1 and Lumira Desinger 2.0. Both have this issue

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1 Answer

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    Mar 05, 2018 at 08:56 AM

    Hello all,

    I am still struggling with this problem :-(.

    To be more clear, I have attached an example figure: Note that the x-axis (months) is not equidistant because some months do not have any shipments, e.g. between 2013-9 and 2013-11. I need those months inbetween also to be displayed on the x-axis, with a shipment count of 0. In other words, I want to see those gaps.

    Edit: FYI, the different colors are just representing different product categories. Just ignore them.

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