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Get Task ID in Rule for Latest End

Feb 22 at 11:46 AM


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Hi Workflow Experts,

I have a task with Latest End Deadline.

I want to assign the Deadline task to the same user who has the decision task currently.

(It might have been forwarded quite few times)

I can created a rule and in that rule I can get the Agent of the task.

My problem is I don't have task Id of the task inside the rule.

when I bind the "_Workitem" I get task ID of the workflow ( i.e. Parent workitem).

Any ideas how can I get the task Id of the current task inside the rule for Deadline agent?



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1 Answer

Susan Keohan
Feb 22 at 02:31 PM

You should be able to expand the object '_Workitem' to get the 'WorkitemId' which *should* be the actual current workitem.

Maybe this screen shot will help...

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Hi Susan,

I think the container you are showing is workflow container and not task container.

As I said when I bind this I get task ID of the workflow task(Parent work item) and not current task ID.




It may be hard to see, but I was in the binding for a Rule for the latest end date of a dialog task.


when I bind a rule for dialog task. I only see workflow container to bind.

Task container is not available for binding.

this "_Workflow" object gives me task_id for parent work item. See in the image


If you expand the entry for _Workitem, you will see the other attributes that are available.

Good luck,



Hi Susan,

Yes I see other attributes. but this gives me workitem_id of the workflow task (WS81600004).

I need workitem Id of the self and not from Parent workflow.



It is confusing when you use different terms but probably mean one thing, workitem id is different from task id.

Also the task idea can be both TSXXX or WSXXX.

Can you please refrain your question so we know exactly what the problem is and give you apropriate advise?

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans