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Jul 10, 2008 at 09:49 AM

Web-dynpro Coding help


Hi Everyone,

I have to build a report , where the requirement is to fetch the data from backend FM.

Its like this, Pickup all the entry sheets and its values.

and for every entry sheet pick the details of it.

Now there are 4 diffrent entry sheet types ,

a) Labor entry sheet

b) Equipment/Material

c) Thrid party

d) Miscellaneous

Now the report out put is something like this :

it has 4 entries , in which they are all the 4 entry sheet types.

the first row should show the header type data: like

i) invoice number

II) plant

iii) vendor

iv) total cost

v) entrysheet type etc

second row should be a table table , which contains details of te entrysheet like

for labor entry sheet

i) employee name


iii) man hours

if in case the entrysheet is Material,

the next row table should contain

i) material no

ii) description

for third party

the table should contain third party service and name

similar for miscellaneous

now from back end i have 5 internal table

first which has the 4 entries of header type data for 4 entry sheet s

and the rest 4 tables are for the details of each type of entrysheets .

Now I have these internal table but have no idea as the 4 entries of header table is a table and how can i add table within a table

and the details table should also have appropriate headers too.

is it possible to achieve and how can i ???

How can i achieve this as iam very new in web dynpro development (Java webdynpro) ,...