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SAP IDM 8.0 - post upgrade issues


Hi All,

requirement : IDM7.2 to 8.0 upgrade

I have installed IDM8.0 and basic post installation tasks are completed.

Afterwards, i followed steps as per SAP guidelines

Importing Identity stores, repositories and Job folders successfully.

Now I want to run Initial Load job (from IDM Admin UI) but I see jobs are empty.

But I can see jobs in Eclipse (pic attached)


I also observed that Process and Forms in Eclipse is empty as well.

All repositories, system details are present in IDM Admin UI.


1.Why jobs showing empty in Admin UI? any steps is missing?

2. I am not able to run any job in Eclipse too, job log is empty and no error messages. I checked dispatcher is running and mapped to all jobs.

Please advise.

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3 Answers

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    Apr 12, 2018 at 08:20 AM

    Hi Imran,

    my first question would be: Why do you setup a new system if you import your 7.2 configuration anyhow?

    Anyhow, for the existing repositories: did you switch the repository types from 7.2 repository types to 8.0 repository types? There is a button in admin UI to switch the type. As long as the repositories are still link to 7.2 types the 8.0 packages you imported won't be used and the 7.2 repository types most likely don't have repository type jobs that you could see in the UI.

    After you reset your IDS, you have the jobs in Admin UI right? So you new question is why they are not running, do I understand that correctly?



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  • Mar 29, 2018 at 03:46 PM

    Hi Imran,

    are those jobs repository jobs that are assigned to a repository type? It is one of the disadvantages if you only perform a pure "technical" upgrade - whereby you just run 7.2 config on an 8.0 platform - without upgrading your content and without switching to the new provisioning framework logic. In 8.0 the jobs have to be repository jobs assigned to the templates so you could see them in the UI for those repositories that belong to the repository type.

    E.g. You have a repository type called AS ABAP. You have repository jobs for the repository type AS ABAP. You have repositories of type AS ABAP. For those you then can see the repository jobs that belong to the type in UI.

    Regarding your dispatcher: What is the state of the dispatcher in dispatcherutil?



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    • Hello Norman,

      Objective: SAP IDM7.2 to 8.0 upgrade project. The strategy choose is to install fresh IDM8.0 & then export-import IDM7.2 configurations.

      Steps performed till now:

      1. New IDM8.0 installed on Linux system.

      2. Eclipse Installation & SSL configuration completed

      3. Dispatcher creation & it is running.

      4. Importing IDM 7.2

      --> Identity store imported

      --> repositories imported

      --> Job folders imported

      --> Importing Data (running initial load)--> stuck jobs showing to run..

      Raise SAP OSS message & based on recommendation. Imported Engine, Custom & ABAP packages in sequence.

      Status: Jobs are not running at all.

      SAP again asked to deleted & re-import packages. I did same but still none of jobs running (from Eclipse & Admin UI). There are no logs generated.

      Further steps:

      I created new Identity store called IDM8. I tried to import packages (Engine, Custom & ABAP) but it was giving message that these packages already present in other identity store.

      Hence i deleted packages from previous IDS & imported packages under new IDS "IDM8".

      Now created again, new ABAP repository under ADMIN UI & tried to run initial load job but still Job is not running..

      Dispatcher is running & assigned all Jobs..

  • May 07, 2018 at 05:55 AM

    Sorry for late response. I raise this question to SAP and issue was resolved after we create new dispatcher script & regenerated.

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