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Error during SAP HANA COCKPIT install in batch mode

When trying to automate the install of SAP HANA COCKPIT I get an error, which does not occur when doing the install manually. I suspect it is a problem with the configuration file, but I have not found any documentation for the parameters needed in the configuration file as it relates to a SAP HANA COCKPIT installation. Initially I tried to use the .cfg and .cfg.xml files created in the log directory after the manual install, but quickly realized that they were missing a LOT of information. I then use the 'template' method to create an empty configuration file and updated the parameters so the summary matched between the automated and the manual installation, but now I get the following error:

Cannot open archive directory "/sapmnt/H4C/global/hdb/auto_content": No such file or directory.

The command I use to start the batch mode install is:

cat ../H4C.cfg.xml | ./ --read_password_from_stdin=xml --configfile=../H4C.cfg -b

The logs for the manual and automated install are identical until the automated install start the step "Importing delivery units..."

I'm attaching the log file and the configuration file.

hdblcmlog.txt (45.1 kB)
h4ccfg.txt (6.7 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Feb 23, 2018 at 06:53 AM

    I finally figured out what the issue was:

    Since hdblcm is only a wrapper, which then calls hdbinst if the command is 'install', the parameters in the configuration file for hdblcm has different names then what hdbinst expects, as can be seen below:

    # Enable XS Engine



    # Imports delivery units



    xs_engine=n is what I saw in the hdbinst.cfg file created by the manual install, but when passed to hdblcm it needs to be hdbinst_server_xs_engine=n

    And similarly for import_content.

    After this change the automated install completed successfully.

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