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Getting error 383 invalid identifier cant understand

I am Registering a Form

Working on Existing Code of SAP B1

Applying this code to SAP hana

Dim oGeneralService As SAPbobsCOM.GeneralService

Dim oGeneralData As SAPbobsCOM.GeneralData

Dim oChild As SAPbobsCOM.GeneralData

Dim oChildren As SAPbobsCOM.GeneralDataCollection

Dim oGeneralParams As SAPbobsCOM.GeneralDataParams

Dim oCompanyService As SAPbobsCOM.CompanyService oCompanyService = objMain.objCompany.GetCompanyService

oGeneralService = oCompanyService.GetGeneralService("NEWIP")

//NewIP is UDO for table Setting properties to object oGeneralData

Dim Qry3 As String = "call ""SP_GetSeries""('NEWIP','')"


Dim Series As String = _RS3.Fields.Item("Series").Value oGeneralData.SetProperty("Series", Series) oGeneralData.SetProperty("U_PId", PID) oGeneralData.SetProperty("U_BGroup", Bgroup)

oGeneralData.SetProperty("U_Name", PName)

By the time Assigning to genralparam object showing this Error for below line oGeneralParams = oGeneralService.Add(oGeneralData) *Error Line

DocNum = oGeneralParams.GetProperty("DocEntry")

[SAP AG][LIBODBCHDB32 DLL][HDBODBC32] General error;383 invalid identifier:

p1: line 1 col 64 (at pos 63)

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