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Jul 09, 2008 at 07:28 PM

SLcM Correspondence Tool with e-mailing possibilities?


Hi all,

In our SAP SLcM project we have the plan to use smartforms for documents that have to be printed for the student. I had a question regarding the functionality of the trx:

- PIQCORADMP - Print Admission Correspondence

- PIQCORRSTP - Print Student Correspondence

- PIQCORRSTC - Create Student Correspondence

- PIQCORADMC - Create Admission Correspondence

Is it possible to send the selected forms by e-mail? With a selection method we would like to choose particalur students and send them the form by e-mail to the standard e-mail address determined in the u201CAddress Datau201D infotype from the student file (SMTP_ADDR, SZA11_0100)

Is this possible within the earlier mentioned trxu2019s? I have looked in the trx itself , the IMG and SDN but I could not find anything regarding using e-mailings with the correspondence toolu2026.

Can anyone help me out here?