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Workflow Limitation (Message Relevancy)

Feb 21 at 12:07 PM


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Hello Community

I am testing a workflow that sends an automated email to customers 15 minutes after a ticket is set to Complete. The workflow is working well so far except for one issue.

When a ticket is set to Irrelevant on the system, C4C recognizes that the ticket is basically set to Completed. This initiates the workflow. However this is an undesirable result as it will create unnecessary activity and send emails where we do not want them to be sent.

I am trying to amend the workflow so that it disregards 'irrelevant' tickets. This is defined as 'Ticket Classification' on the system but it is not an option for the workflow rules.

Can you please advise how I could set this up if Ticket Classification is not available as a workflow option? Is there a way to add 'Ticket Classification' to this list or another way I can match my business requirement?

Thanks and Regards

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Prasanth Sarma Aryasomayajula
Apr 25 at 02:53 PM

In standard when action 'Set as Irrelevant' is triggered for a Ticket instance couple of things happen,
1. Attribute Service Request Classification code in node Service Terms is set with value 3
2. Status value of the ticket instance is set to completed
Currently, you do not see Service Request Classification code in Workflow.

Alternatively , This is exposed through PDI as read-only field.
So the workaround here could be leverage PDI. Logic could be to add extension field eg: Irrelevant flag (checkbox).
Set the field by looking at Service Request Classification code filed.

Then use the flag in the workflow condition.

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