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Poor performance with Glossary Autocompletion


We have enabled glossary autocompletion and compliance checking. Now we are experiencing extremely poor performance when entering a name in a class, association, etc. After entering a few (for example 5) characters in the name field, from the third character on, each character is displayed on the screen about a second after each other and about a second later the proposed term is displayed. If I disable the glossary autocompletion and compliance checking then this issue goes away.

I was not connected to the repository when the issue was experienced. There are 2296 terms in the terms list. We are running PD client version 16.6 SP05 PL01.

Has anyone experienced this issue?


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3 Answers

  • Feb 23 at 06:57 PM

    I try in 16.6.5 PL02 and I don't see the issue. I have more than 4000 glossary terms.

    Can you try the patch? It was released a few days ago

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    • We are also running it on a PC with Win10 64bit with 8GB of memory. I also tried it on one of our servers with Windows Server 2012 ans 32GB of memory. The result was the same.

  • Feb 28 at 05:05 PM

    This does sound strange to me, Mark. I loaded 2400 new terms into my glossary, and now I have the same problem. As oon as I type the 3rd letter in a name, PD grinds to a halt - Task Manager shows PD using 25-26% CPU. This a quad-core desktop, so possibly one of the cores is running flat out. I removed 1250 of the terms, and performance was fine. There must be a magic number of terms.

    I'm using PD 16.6 SP05 PL01 (5554)

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  • Mar 01 at 04:04 PM

    Ah, I misread "6.5" in your post as "16.5". I've just installed 16.6.5 PL02, and there is a definite performance improvement. It appears to access the Glossary terms more quickly from the entity properties editor than it does from a diagram symbol. Now it's slow but usable (just about), could do with being faster.

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