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Which table stores the date , when a sales doc was archived

Feb 21 at 06:33 AM


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Former Member

Hi All,

There is a sales doc say '1234' which was archived in the past. I want to know the date

when it was archived . Which table will have that information?



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2 Answers

Jürgen L
Feb 21 at 06:48 AM

This info is not stored per document. You have to know in which archiving job the order met the archiving criteria and then you can look at the ADMI_FILES table to know the exact date.

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Gergely Juhasz
Feb 21 at 04:55 PM

Hi Faiz!

You have also following possibilities:

If You know the archiving object (and application table) you can use tr. AS_AFB (Archive File Browser) to search for the particular doc in archive files. After determining the archive file, You can check the attributes of this archive file in table ADMI_FILES and check the creation date of the archive file.

For more info about Archive File Browers, please check online help:

Here check also section "Searching for Table Contents".

Best regards


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Former Member

Hi Gergely,

Thanks for your reply!!!

I'm able to view the archiving obj(SD_VBAK) in AS_AFB. When I click on node and the file. I can also see the Sales doc on the window on right side.

However this I'm doing manually. I want to this programmatically. So is there any FM or any other mechanism using which I can do the same.