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Is there an FM for creating Purchase Information Records?.

There seems to be no BAPI's or FM's to create Purchase Information Records, although there are FM's to create information records, like FM ME_POST_INFORECORD, for example. I was informed that I could use this FM to create a PIR, but this can not be true as it only uses table EINA, and PIR's require to populate both EINA and EINE tables.There are a number of FM's that will read PIR data though, but I need to create a PIR.

I wanted to avoid using LSMW, SM35, BDC records to create PIR's due to the slow time it takes, especially populating SM35 tables in readiness. I have a program that takes details from a third-part product and creates/updates materials in SAP, as well as creating PIR's and List prices, so did not want to utilise LSMW or SM35, and my CALL TRANSACTION statements ( in background) are cauing me so much grief that I'm driven to find a function module or BAPI.

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2 Answers

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    Feb 20, 2018 at 08:25 PM

    Hi Gary,

    You can use below function modules in sequence.





    Also you can use ME_MAINTAIN_INFORECORD to change info record.

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    • Thanks Jurgen.

      I can see that SAP have created a wrapper (cl_msi_pir_interface->pir_api_wrapper) which uses these FM's, and having looked at them, I can see potentially how dangerous they could be if incorrectly used.

      Having said that, if SAP do not provide suitable tools for PIR creation/updating then I would not be to surprised if customer either wrote their own, or used the available FM's.

      If only I could get the CALL TRANSACTION 'ME11' to work in background successfully. I have even re-created the records in SHDB and choose the option to consider background processing. But the recording is the same as before, and the issue still exists, it works perfectly in foreground but not in background.

  • Feb 20, 2018 at 08:42 PM

    the ME_INFORECORD_MAINTAIN function module enables you to create and maintain the Info Record data.


    General data related to Info Record are passed in the parameter I_EINA and purchasing organisation in data are passed in the parameter I_EINE.

    Info Memo or Purchase order text are passed in the parameter TXT_LINES.

    Condition validity details are passed in the table parameter COND_VALIDITY.

    Basic condition details are passed in the table parameter CONDITION.

    Condition scales based on value and quantity are passed in the table parameter COND_SCALE_VALUE and COND_SCALE_QUAN respectively.

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    • There is no FM:


      but there is FM


      you means is the same you mention Pavankumar Hukkeri ...?

      * ACTIVITY = 'V'
      I_EINA =
      * I_EINE =
      * I_OKCODE = ' '
      * I_SCREEN = ' '
      * O_EINA =
      * O_EINE =
      * I_NO_SUPPOSE =
      * I_MT06E =
      * I_VORGA =
      * I_SKIP_NR_CHECK =
      * E_EINA =
      * E_EINE =
      * E_F11 =
      * TABLES
      * ET_EINE =

      if so I did not see any Condition parameter in the FM . Could you please suggest where I can check.

      Thanks in advance.