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Jul 09, 2008 at 08:51 AM

Query not opening after transport


Hi All,

I transported Query to production but it is not open in production.But same query is working fine in Dev and QA.In Prduction it is givng eror like this.


InfoProvider ICSALES does not contain characteristic ZBPTEST. The exception aggregation for key figure ZBP_CNTSUMCNT can therefore not be applied.

System Response

The key figure will therefore be aggregated using all characteristics of ICSALES with the generic aggregation SUM.


Characteristic Industry (Revenue co was not found in InfoProvider .


Before you can delete an InfoObject from an InfoProvider, you must change all the queries that use this InfoObject. Therefore you have to delete the relevant InfoObject from these queries.

Query is still using an InfoObject like this.

System Response


To change the query, put the InfoObject back in the InfoCube, adjust the query and then remove the InfoObject from the query again.

Procedure for System Administration

But INdustry Object is there in Cube.

HOw can i solve this problem.