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Need Standard RFC to read all variants details of all programs at one go

Dear All,

My requirement is , need to fetch variant details of production system programs from solman.

There are hundred of programs in each production system for which i need to collect variant details.

I checked the below RFCS ,but using these RFCS we can get only one variant details of one program at a time, so i need to make a RFC call inside the loop and get variants details one by one, if i do like this, it will decrease system performance.




Could please provide me , if there is any standard RFC where we can input all programs , program variants and it returns all variants data at once ( with out creating any new custom RFC ,inside RFC calling any of these FMs ).

I have tried getting the variant table 'VARI' data using the RFC 'RFC_READ_TABLE',

but the problem is Variant content is in RAW format.

I am not able to convert variant content to text format.

Could please help me how we can convert RAW data to text format.

Thanks and Regards,


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  • Purna,

    In my opinion you should not be using RFC concept for this requirement.

    At a high level,you know the job name.From job name, get the Program name and using that get the variant details.Not sure if you can get all the required info for all such interfaces solely going by the variant details.If all these programs has Logical path as part of variant then that will help you in collecting the App server paths to where SAP system writes the files to, before transferring to Non-SAP system.

    May be experts here can help you in designing a more refined approach.


  • Former Member Kiran K

    Hi Kiran,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have the all variants names of all programs in excel as per Job id. but i need to map driver program to sending program as per job step sequence numbers. There can be some deletion job steps in between for each job id, but deletion program step is always after the file sending program step.

    So thinking to map driver program to send program as per job step sequence, for this reason only I need RFC to collect all variants details of excel programs.

    Thanks and Regards,


  • Personally, I'm curious what would anyone do with such information. All programs and all variants? What value would this information have? How would anyone know what those values mean? It sounds like drinking from a fire hose...

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3 Answers

  • Feb 21, 2018 at 09:38 AM

    Write your own RFC enabled function module that Solman can call. Or, since Solman is an application that runs on BW, why not create your own extractor for the source system, and extract that data into a DSO or cube on Solman? If the data volumes are high, this would be the best and most performant approach. I assume that this is not something you'd need to run very frequently.

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  • Feb 21, 2018 at 08:30 AM


    function group SVAR

    tables: varid,varid,VARI

    see above function group maybe you can get some idea

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  • Feb 21, 2018 at 03:03 PM

    Function module RS_VARIANT_CONTENTS allows you to get variant contents without having to deal with RAW data. The FM is not RFC enabled. Also, the FM processes one program and one variant at a time. So, you still have to develop an FM or an extract program in the source system.

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