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SAP Cloud Connector -> From ERP to HCI/C4C

Feb 20 at 11:40 AM


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We installed Sap Cloud Connector and for Inbound is OK (C4C -> HCI -> SCC -> ERP).

We would like to use SCC for outbound (ERP -> SCC -> HCI -> C4C). is it possible?

In the documentation we see SCC like a single Gateway between Cloud and on-premise but in SAP ERP we don't have transcation to configure SCC but only Proxy Server.

Our customer haven't a Proxy and Customer would not publish or permit traffic directly from ERP to -> C4C.


1) is it possible the flow ERP-> SCC-> HCI-> C4C? In wich transaction on ERP I configure SCC

2) otherwise shall we install a Proxy Server? ERP -> Proxy -> HCI -> C4C

3) Can SCC be a Proxy or is it only a reverse proxy?

Thank you


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1 Answer

Frank Schuler
Feb 20 at 12:58 PM

Hello Mario,

  1. Unfortunately, the only connection out via the SCC is a so called Service Channel to a cloud HANA database.
  2. You correct, you would need a proxy server to connect out via the SCC to C4C.
  3. I have been discussing this with SCC product management, because I have come accross your requirement before, but currently the SCC is a special kind of reverse proxy only.

Best regards


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