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UI5 Admission Portal User roles

Feb 20 at 09:35 AM


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I am configuring UI5 based admission portal. I can see the tiles but can't add or delete questions in preliminary Questionnaire. I am sure I am missing some configuration or Role. Course offering is not visible.

Could you help me in solving this out.


Vinod Kumar

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3 Answers

Vinod Kumar Feb 23 at 05:32 AM

Hi, i am still struggling with issue related to admission portal configuration. I am thinking of redesigning it using Webdynpro as UI5 based admisison portal support is not available.

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Rob Jonkers
Feb 23 at 03:31 PM

hi Vinod;

You first need to create a Prel. Questionnaire Form which generates a form ID which you subsequently can add in the configuration table. Table V_GFD_CONFIG for PIQ_COP_MINI could have the following config:

  • GFD Form ID Type: no entry
  • Create, Update, Delete and Read FM: all no entry
  • Table name: PIQ_MINI_FORM_DATA
  • GFD Form Submission ID Type: no entry
  • Parameter name: no entry
  • UI Section required: no entry.
  • Form Type: non-persistent

E.g. below for table V_PIQDBADM_CONFG :

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Vinod Kumar Feb 26 at 06:51 AM

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your help, i really appreciate it. However, i am not able to generate preliminary questionnaire itself? Do i need to maintain any number range for this?

In your screen 0000000197 is provided. Is it generated using formdesigner ?


Vinod Kumar

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Hi Vinod,

Just in case if you or someone else might find useful.

Yes, you need to maintain number ranges for number range object : GFD_FORMID with number range number as '1'.

For example : number-range.jpg



number-range.jpg (11.8 kB)