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SAP Data Services Lookup data store change

Hi ,

I have 60 tables related one source. In the same number of tables available in the multiple sources.

I need to run the job sequentially means one after other source.

Here my table structure is same across the all sources. If I develop the ETL for the one source system I should use the same by changing the source & target. Here I am changing the source & target as I am running in the same job. So I cannot use the data store configurations.

I have lookups in the data flows. If source 1 data flow should use source 1 lookups only. Source 2 flows use source 2 lookups only....

But for me here If I replicate the flow then I can change the source target with less effort.

But If I am going to change the lookups I need to visit the each lookup and I need to change as data store is different for each source. Here I have 27 source systems.

If I am going to visit like this is almost same as building the flow .

Could you please give me any idea to change the lookup tables data store in the flows.

Thanks & Regards,


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2 Answers

  • Feb 20 at 01:13 PM

    Hi ,

    I see one solution here, create one project and all the jobs/dataflows for all the 60 source tables. now export the project to the ATL file.

    Now open atl file in notepad and replace PROJECT name with new project name (if your project name is PROJ_SOURCE_1, replace this with PROJECT_SOURCE_2). Use ctrl+H to replace all. in the same way replace all job names/dataflow names (use source system name in the job/dataflow/workflow naming conventions and you can replace source system name to the new source system name ) and replace all schema name, schema owner, datastore name. save this atl file and try importing to this atl in a test repo and sandbox repository and see if it changed all the names abd validate all the jobs once.

    Note:- This is not the recomended way as this sometimes corrupt existing jobs.. but i suggest you to try this only in DEV enviroment and take backup of the 1st PROJ which you created before proceeding with this step.

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    • Re-Note: this is not supported. Only do this when you know exactly what you're doing. It'll be your own full responsibility when you screw things up :).

  • Feb 20 at 06:18 PM

    Hi Ravi Kiran,

    Different source systems flows will be in the single job.

    As per my knowledge also , this method is not recommendable. Beginning of my DS career, I did the same in one of the projects and entire repository corrupted.

    Please let me know if you have any other ideas to reduce the development in this type of scenarios.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Venlata Ramana Paidi.

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