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Jul 09, 2008 at 06:52 AM

Implementing Supply function for VBAK and VBAP


Hi All,

I was trying to implement supply function for practice. I copied this code below from the tutorial and this doesnt work.

I have made a VBAK and VBAP table display, its not a sflight display. Please tell me how do I modify this code so that it works for my scenario. What is happening is it says Object IF_COMPONENTCONTROLLER doesnot exist and I dont know what is Elements_Bookings. Can some one explain where are the classes and object given belowin the code are coming from. I am lost ......

method GET_BOOKINGS . data: Itab_Bookings type IF_COMPONENTCONTROLLER=>Elements_Bookings, Stru_Bookings like line of Itab_Bookings, Stru_FlightList type if_componentcontroller=>Element_FLIGHT_LIST. parent_element->get_static_attributes( importing static_attributes = Stru_FlightList ). Itab_bookings = CL_WDABAP_FLIGHT_MODEL=>GET_BOOKINGS( CARRID = Stru_FlightList-airlineid CONNID = Stru_FlightList-connectid FLDATE = Stru_FlightList-flightdate ). node->bind_table( Itab_bookings ). endmethod.