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Calculation after Discount is not matching Net Value

Hi All,

I have a requirement in which user required below Value. SAP is showing some difference.

As per SAP Standard system shows 83069.68

But when user Calculates Total Net Price with qty then 415.35*200(QTY) = 83070.00

Now here i am facing issue i am not getting desired result as per user.

Need help how to resolve this issue. Thanks

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2 Answers

  • Posted on Feb 19, 2018 at 12:33 PM

    It is because, system has considered the value of 6% as 26.5116 (441.86*6/100) which comes to 415.3484 and if you multiply by 200, it comes to the value what you have shared. Have a look at OSS note 80183 which explains in detail on how rounding works.

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    • Former Member

      Thanks Lakshmipathi for the reply.

      Any suggestion apart from OSS note 80183 because i am not able to find any code(routine). If i get the code i will apply in condition base value. Can we resolve this issue if we change this 26.5116 into 26.51 ???

      Thanks in Advance

  • Posted on Feb 19, 2018 at 12:50 PM

    I see nothing wrong with the calculation and the setup - you just need to explain to the business user how pricing works in SAP and also a little bit about decimals in currencies.

    441.86 *200 = 88 372.00 -> you ask the user: "Do you agree with this?"

    -6% * 88 372.00 = -5 302.32 -> you ask him again: "You know that this is correct as well, right?"

    Then you say: 88 372.00 - 5 302.32 = 83 069.68 -> you say: "This one is also correct, isn't it?"

    Now, if you refer to note 791944 - How is the KBETR determined in a subtotal? you will be able to explain that the amount in the subtotal is the subtotal value (83 069.68) divided by the condition basis (200) which, if you use a calculator, will result in 415.3484. Yes, but we have only two decimals for PKR and when you apply rounding you end up with 415.35.

    If the user still does not agree with you - ask him/her to write down for you in Excel an arithmetically correct calculation of base price, discount and subtotal for the amount and the value and use two decimals (with formulas).

    Of course, it is technically possible to modify values and amounts in subtotals via routines, but most likely there is no need for that in your case.

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    • What does the user expect to see as amount in the subtotal? Is it 415.3484? Or is it something else?

      And why this is a legal issue? If you use the subtotal amount in printouts - you can adjust the logic of the print form.

      As noted, you can implement the suggestions from 80183 if the expected outcome is to have net price* quantity = value.

      If the user insists to see 415.3484 or 26.5116 in a pricing subtotal or condition, you cannot do it with PKR. You could store the non rounded result multiplied by some parameter in a statistical condition or subtotal, or if they are happy with just 4 decimals - force a suitable currency in the statistical condition+a formula. I would not go via this route unless this is unavoidable, because it is really difficult for many business users to understand and interpret the pricing result and on top of that they will start asking for report adjustments, which makes the change request rather expensive...