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Oct 26, 2016 at 04:10 PM

Agentry Android client branding - changing texts in login screen

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Hi Experts,

Is it possible to change the text displayed in login screen (login.xml) of Work Manager app, for example the texts like (in android)

  • Welcome to Agentry Client
  • Enter your Agentry User Id (so on..)

I saw this link where it talks about changing texts with branding.plist, is there anything similar to this in android.

Things I have tried so far

1. Since most of the texts are read from strings.xml, I tried adding below line to strings.xml, where name parameter is derived from ClientText.ini file (dint work)

    <string name="AG3_LOGIN_USERID_HINT">User id hint from strings.xml</string>

2. Since string names (or codes) are derived based on there number in ClientText.ini as per this link, I added one more string with name String_540, where 540 is the number for AG3_LOGIN_USERID_HINT string in ClientText.ini file (dint work)

<stringname="String_540">User id hint from 540</string>

3. Since server_name property is maintained in, I tried maintaining above strings in file without any luck

AG3_LOGIN_USERID_HINT= User id hint from AgentryClient.proerties

String_540= 540 User id hint from AgentryClient.proerties

Could you please tell me where can we maintain text in android ? which would be similar to branding.plist in iOS.

Client framework is - 70.12.3

Thanks for the reply in advance.