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Former Member
Jul 08, 2008 at 06:14 PM

Enhancement only executing when an explicit break-point coded


I have coded an enhancement to update a custom table after the commit in MIGO. It executes correctly if I code an explicit break-point. the custom table gets updated correctly. If I remove the explicit break-point the code does not execute. I have tried this both in an explicit and an implicit enhancement point with the same result. I traced execution by putting a breakpoint before the enhancement and it did not enter that part of the code. I thought perhaps it was a matter of changes to the custom table not being committed so I added a COMMIT WORK and a COMMIT WORK AND WAIT with no change in result.

Does anyone know what might be happening with the BREAK-POINT that makes it enter the code? I experimented with having the break-point enclosed in an IF statement and it only seems to work if the BREAK-POINT is executed.