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Jaguar CTS & Resin with Sybase ASE

Feb 21 at 11:43 AM


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Hi all,

We are using Jaguar CTS and Resin (in Solaris) for one of our applications (legacy), which use Sybase ASE as the database.

I know about Sybase ASE (15.0.2) but can someone explain what Jaguar CTS and resin are and also if they are available for Linux ?

Any reference on this would also be of great help !

Thanks in advance !!

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2 Answers

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Feb 21 at 02:37 PM

Hello Kedar,

Jaguar CTS is (more or less) the former name of EAServer ( the application server developed by Sybase. gives you the main differences between each of them.
EAServer was available on Linux but please note that it is not supported by SAP anymore.

As for Resin, it is a concurrent of EAServer (web server and application server):

Hope this helps,

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Former Member

Thanks Jacob..that was really helpful !

Do you know information about migration from Jaguar CTS to other technologies (like how Bret suggested JBOSS or any other technologies) ?


There is no obvious migration path for EAServer but you can inspire from what Bruce replied (first option only possible) some years ago in this thread:

Bret Halford
Feb 21 at 02:56 PM

Hi Kedar,

I've never supported or even used Jaguar or Resin, so consider my response here well-intentioned but not expert.

Jaquar CTS is very old, from around 2000. It evolved into another product named Sybase Enterprise Application Server (EAServer) which reached End of Mainstream Maintenance state back in 2016. I've seen something named JBOSS recommended as a possible replacement for EAServer.

Resin is a third-party application server product.

I found an introductory page on Jaguar (appears to be part of a copied Sybase manual) at

EAServer is still available for download from the archives section at SAP and had a release for Linux on Itanium processors.
I don't know if you will be able to access it if you've never been licensed for it. However, it is at and then search for "EAServer" and pick SY EASERVER 6.0. There is a pull-down menu to pick the platform.

I'm thinking it might be best to redesign this client from the ground up then try to upgrade it to use a product that is already EOL - but I'm not an expert in this area.


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Former Member

Thanks Bret..that was informative.

Could you please elaborate and explain the last sentence "redesign the client" ?