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Generated tables/structures with nested includes

Feb 21 at 10:49 AM


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Hi all,

I´ve generated an abap proxy, using the wizard, from a wsdl file.

Can´t activate it because several tables/structures have more than 9 nested includes...

Message AD226 - Too many nested includes

Since these are generated, how can i solve this issue?

Best regards,

Teresa Gonçalves

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For the service you're consuming, are there any other options? Can it be redeveloped? Does it offer a RESTful web service option?


Answering your questions:

1. and 2. i don´t think so.

3. i´m not familiar with REST methodology

In fact, i´m not familiar with proxy client creation.

Next step, edit the xsd files...

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2 Answers

Sandra Rossi Feb 22 at 07:52 AM

You may adapt the WSDL to remove the definitions above the 9th level and define the type as xsd:anyType (mapped to an xstring type), create the proxy, and transform the remaining XML "manually" in your ABAP program.

If you have many levels after the ninth or if the XML is complex, instead of transforming "manually", you could also copy the generated transformations and DDIC objects after the 9th level.

Lot of stuff but I don't see any other solution.

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My first option was to create new structures, with less nested includes.

Gives error in activation:

Field ID: User type ZTESTID is generated proxy type, therefore not usable

Message no. DT185

All the fields i´m using are from the generated proxy type. If i can´t use them, might as well create all structures manually.

The objective was using the wsdl to generate the data structures in abap. Around 915 data dictionary objects.

My other option is avoid the error of the nested includes (using debug).

Anyone know the consequences? Performance, others...

Thank you for your time.

Teresa Gonçalves

Your option 1: it's what proposed Matthew and I : edit the WSDL etc. (see above), not the generated DDIC structures.

Your option 2: I see the field ADMINFIELD in table DD03L, which contains the nested level, unfortunately it's of length 1.

Matthew Billingham
Feb 21 at 12:57 PM

Refactor you data structure so it doesn't have so many nested includes?

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The data structure is generated, how can i change it?


Generated from what?

Matthew Billingham

(People often think that their context is obvious to any one and just keep repeating the same words as in the question...)

DDIC structures and table types are generated by proxy activation, i.e. to consume a web service from abap ("abap proxy")

I'm curious to know how it can be solved. I didn't even know there was a limit of 9 levels.


Yes, I know this. I was suggesting refactoring the structure of the data in the web service.