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I configured SMD in solman, installed SMD & IA agents in Java systems(portals). But not able to generate report.

EWA setup was already done, i installed the agents recently. Even downloaded the service xml from solman SMD and tried to generate report manually, but not able to generate it.

In SDCCN the session log shows as follows.

07/07/2008 04:53:59 Transfer of session data completed to destination NONE

07/07/2008 04:53:59 > transfer completed

07/07/2008 04:53:59 > transfer for server XXXXX completed

07/07/2008 04:53:58 > transferring 000005 functions, 0000204676 bytes, RFC block size = 0000320000 for server bs1pa01z

07/07/2008 04:53:58 > transfer for server XXXX started

07/07/2008 04:53:58 > transfer data to mapped session ID 0000003416 100 destination NONE

07/07/2008 04:53:58 Transfer of session data started to destination NONE

07/07/2008 04:53:58 Data collection completed for session 1000000003416 EWALERT SolMan

07/07/2008 04:52:45 Collection is for non-ABAP system <SID> 0020224025

07/07/2008 04:52:45 Data collection started for session 1000000003416 EWALERT SolMan (non-ABAP)

07/07/2008 04:52:45 > New data collection triggered using reference session TSKR000001012

07/07/2008 04:52:45 Session download data requested using task 0000001887 by BATCHBASIS

Please guide..

On solman 4.0 SPS 15, ST-SER 700_2007_1 PATCH 1

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3 Answers

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    Jul 09, 2008 at 10:33 PM


    First of all, you must ensure that your solution manger has, at least, stack 13 of support package, in java and ABAP side.

    Once you hace installed your agents in solution manager, you must to do different things in your satellite system.

    - First of all, you must get sure that you have deployed LMSERVICE in your satellite system. And you must deploy - JmxService7.1.P5NetWeaver.ear file.

    - Secondly, you must install wily folder in /usr/sap/ccm . Willy folder is obtained in ISAGENT71_11-20002182.SAR file.

    Into Wily folder, you must look for sap_IntroscopeAgent.profile file, and you need to modify it in order to be seen for your solution manager. To do this step, only find in this file the next item:

    It will have value 'localhost' and you must delete 'default' and insert your solution manager host.

    - Then, you must go to the next folder opening cmd:


    There, execute the next command in order to create the necessary connector:

    java -jar CreateAutoProbeConnector.jar -jvm C:\j 2sdk1.4.2_06 -output connector.jar

    Get sure tou put your corresponding JDK

    - You must install SMD agent in your satellite host, executing sapinst that is in CDSMDTOOLS21_0-10003537.SAR file.

    - Once your agent is running go to \usr\sap\SMD\J98\component_analyzer and execute the command 'gather setup' . It will open to you a new window with some warnings. Double clicking in each warning and editing node, you can insert a value in order to correct these warnings.

    - Then, you must insert different java parameters in your config tool. Parameters are the next:


    -Dcom.wily.introscope.agent.agentName=<name of the agent : insert what you want>




    - When you have done this, you must configure your system in SMSY following SAP guides and create the solution in solution_manager transaction.

    - The next step is configure the system in SMD web:

    1.- execute SMD upgrade.

    2.- Setup diagnostics system

    3.- Setup managed system

    4.- in 'Trouble shooting' insert jdbc parameters

    5.- In 'Introscope agent' you must load the parameters you configured in configtool.

    6.- At this point will be necessary to restart your satellite system.

    When you finishes all these steps you will be able to obtain EWA for java side.

    Is so difficult to do this. We have done it in several environments and we have had lots of problems, but it's possible.

    Any doubt, please, give me your mail and I'll be so glad to help you.

    Best regards.

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      Thank you so much, atlast i got a reply.

      I have done all those steps, installed SMD agents, installed Wily agents(but central instance ISdata is missing, application servers working fine - service xml).

          • DOWNLOADED service xml from Solman SMD and tried to manually generate report, but nothing gets generated. I see that Java checks(java vm performance & java vm activity reporting) are done in session(TC - DSA)***

          Please advise.

          Id: sri_xi at yahoo dot com

          Thanks in advance.

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        Jul 10, 2008 at 02:12 PM
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        Nov 24, 2008 at 05:00 PM

        Updated to SPS17

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