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Jul 08, 2008 at 09:52 AM

Portal cache problem - always getting old CSS file from modified component


Hi all,

I have a very annoying problem:

I modified a portal component (toolarea) to fit into our portal layout and added a css file to it. In the process of development I made several changes to the css file and re-deployed the PAR file.

Now, when opening the portal I always get an old version of the CSS file which causes the layout to fall apart.

The weird thing is:

- Pressing [Ctrl + F5] (explicit reload without cache) loads the correct file.

- Pressing only [F5] (simple reload) then again loads the old file.

To answer the obvious questions in advance:

- The iView is set to not be cached.

- Portal navigation cache is switched off completely.

- Browser cache is disabled and was cleared before reload.

- Proxy is disabled.

I already removed the component from PCD and redeployed it, deleted the corresponding iView and recreated it, but nothing shows any effect to the problem.

Where is that old version of the css file comming from?

And even more important: How do I prevent that from happening?

Thanks in advance and kind regards,