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How can we have real discussions on this platform?

Feb 20 at 03:35 PM


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How can we possibly have a legitimate long technical discussion in this platform?

For example, I've just opened this long ABAP discussion and it's nearly impossible to follow at this point. The answers are sorted by votes but even if I sort them by date, each answer has multiple comments, so I have to go around and manually expand each one (there is no sorting of all the replies, from what I see). On top of that, after N comments I have to click the "moar" button.

I haven't visited that discussion for a few days and at this point I really don't know if there is any additional comment I haven't read yet. But with all the clicking involved I just give up after a few items. If others feel the same way then discussion simply dies of natural causes.

This relates to the issue I raised here which, ironically, is also a lengthy discussion. In-depth technical discussions were what SCN was famous and best for. I feel this platform simply does not lend itself to such conversations.

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2 Answers

Mike Pokraka Feb 20 at 03:44 PM

Funny enough I wrote about the same discussion only yesterday, asking whether the coming 'redesign' would address the same issue.

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I rather doubt that. And it's unfortunate!


Wow, trying to follow the flow of postings within a "blog discussion" like that one is even worse than within a "FAQ discussion", methinks... - and a heavy training in scrolling, given all the vertical white space around each contribution...

Moshe Naveh
Feb 22 at 08:42 AM

Hi Jelena,

I agree it get can very confusing. As I replied to Vadim's comment on this blog:

unfortunately the review of thread structure weren’t included in this phase of the UX work and will be looked at later on. I will make sure this remains on the radar.


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the re-design is not yet launched - maybe it should be covered before it gets launched

Launching half-baken products will fail in its aim to get the users back. They might come back after the announcement see a bit new painting and new arrangements but still the same old errors here and there ... the package should be more perfect than last time.


I agree. It's not really a "re-design" if there are no major changes. And I mean "major" from the SCN contributor point of view, these might as well be a tectonic shift technology wise but that just won't be visible. If memory serves, this "re-design" also included some changes to accommodate answers/comment. If there was no such separation then that work wouldn't even be needed.

Jelena Perfiljeva

Thank you. I've forwarded your feedback.