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powerbuilder mailsession

Feb 20 at 03:28 PM


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powerbuilder version 12.5 build 2511 and windows 10 applications. I am trying to run my PB app on a windows 10 computer. All seems to run fine except the mail window doesn't send the mail. I don't get any error message , it just doesn't send. I am using the PB mailSession object. I have read about 32bit and 64bit options in some answers. I thought the windows 7 computers where my apps run were already 64 bit so I am confused why there is a problem on the windows 10 computers. I really don't know what is wrong so I sure this question is vague, please ask what else would help you help me. Thanks!

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1 Answer

Shenn Sellers Feb 20 at 10:38 PM

One issue could be that PB 12.5 isn't certified for Window 10. For Windows 10 certification, you will need to move to PB 2017.

Another thing you can try is to update to the latest build of PB 12.5. Build 2511 is rather old and perhaps a newer build fixed your issue.

You also sound a little confused about 32bit and 64bit. There are 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 7 and 10. There are also 32bit and 64bit applications like MS Word, etc. PowerBuilder is a 32bit application, as as such, you will need to be connecting to a 32bit mail application. You can build 64bit applications with PowerBuilder, by specifying in the Project painter, but then these applications will need to be connecting to a 64bit mail application. You cannot test a 64bit application from the PB IDE, you have to build it into a 64bit application to test.

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