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500 Actual quantity not equal to total of stocks

Hi community

I am facing error in transaction MB5K. I can´t find note to solve this inconsistency (500 Actual quantity not equal to total of stocks).

I tried to follow the following links:

I couldn't find the solution. For example for 045 Unrealistic total value the SAP note 1026379 was suggested but I couldn't find any note for 500 Actual quantity not equal to total of stocks.

Please assist me

Thanks in advance

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2 Answers

  • Feb 20, 2018 at 01:24 PM

    you have all options to start investigation from this screen

    you can go into the detail, you can list material documents, can show your stock....

    so the first thing would probably be to check the stock to see if the actual quantity equals.

    then you may look through the material documents to see if there is one with a quantity of 40 (or several with the same movement type which total to 40) which could explain the difference.

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    • In MMBE we have 24716 EA. In MB5B selecting storage location on stock type we get the same stock quantity (24716 EA) but if we change the selection criteria, selecting valuated stock instead of storage location we can see the difference between MMBE and MB5B and we can see the issue of 41 EA without document in the system on 01.01.000, i think that this is the root cause of all the inconsistency

  • Feb 20, 2018 at 08:36 PM

    Then it is probably very important to rethink what happened at the beginning of your systems life cycle.

    My guess, someone posted a quantity while the material type was incorrectly customized with quantity only, after the movement the material type customizing was changed to become valuated too. Such customizing changes while you have inventory create inconsistencies.

    see OSS note 2010127 - Inappropriate customizing change of material type may cause stock inconsistency.

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    • There wasn´t a material type change. In DEV and QAS we don´t have any inconsistency. In June I remember that I once runned the report MB5K and I didnt find any inconcistency. Now the stock quantity on tables MBEW and MARD are different.

      Not all materials assigned to this material type are shown in the list of inconsistency.

      I tried to see the note Note 204393 - Inconsistencies between stocks of MARD and MBEW but I didn´t get the soultion