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Jul 08, 2008 at 08:13 AM

Help Needed on Printing


Hello im a very new junior sd consultant and I have gotten my first issue ticket which I need to try and resolve. Basically, the client has an issue when they want to print the 1.Sales Return document and its 2.Delivery document. they have to keep manually choosing the printer. How can I configure the printer settings for the returns document and its delivery so that for each new sales return document the default printer is already chosen and all they have to do is press enter for example and it prints.

The current scenerio is that for example, sales return document 000000001. In va02 on the initial screen if you go to sales document, then issue output to. I get this popup when I do those steps "No output has been selected for printing". The client then has to go and assign the printer manually for each document which takes up too much time. How can the printer be assigned by default to that document type?

Thanks in advance