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WEBI DHTML Compound InfoObjects and Prompt values

We are in BOBJ 4.1 SP5 and experiencing an issue in the DHTML WEBI viewer when using prompts (BEx Variables) that encompass compounded InfoObjects. I'll lay out the scenario below, but in essence, this works everywhere besides the DHTML client, so I'm pretty sure it's a bug. When choosing one prompt value, the subsequent prompt should only show values based on that selection, due to the nature of compounded info objects.

Let's see what have 2 InfoObjects, Source System (SS) and Material. Material is compounded by the superior object Source System. Here's some sample data:

SS - Material

TST - 01

TST - 02

PRD - 03

QAS - 04

Now we have 2 variables setup in BEx - one for SS and one for Material . The first variable selected is SS, and let's say someone chooses TST. When they go to the Material Variable, they will see only 01 and 02 as their choices. If they selected PRD originally, they would only see 03 as their choice. Works great in BEx.

Now, bring the same 2 variables into WEBI via Rich Client - behaves the same was as BEx. Save to web, and now execute with WEBI HTML Client (which is how our end users access our reports) and the Material variable doesn't seem to be aware of what is selected for SS. So instead, you see all material values (in my case, I see duplicates values since my materials are similar across SS, but different descriptions, etc). If I default the value of SS, I will see those particular Materials, but then I can't change SS and refresh the materials again.

This becomes a bigger issue because we are employing security on the SS object, so we don't want users seeing all the Materials outside that SS.

Can anyone confirm this scenario on their system or see if the behavior is the same in 4.2? We are in the process of installing 4.2.

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