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Authorization Relevant Info Objects - Demand Planning

Dear Experts,

Towards setting up Characteristic Value Authorizations I do the following

  • Mark the Info-Objects as Authorization Relevant
  • Create an Analysis Object in RSECADMIN
  • Include the Authorization relevant Info-Objects in the Analysis Object (+ include the standard SAP 0TCA* info-objects--3 of those)
  • Include above Analysis object in Auth Object S_RS_AUTH and include that in a Role.
  • Assign Role to a user.

Load data in SDP94:


You do not have Authorization to the selected data.

Error Analysis

  • SU53 gives a generic 0BI_ALL missing authorization object with no details and that does not helpl
  • RSECADMIN logs for the user tells me something more but it is more confusing than useful. Forcing me to read some notes.
  • TRACE of the user is equally confusing and is perhaps only machine readable.

Here are my questions

0) What is possibly missing in the RSECADMIN analysis object ?

1) IF a user has access to MULTIPLE planning Object Structures (multiple planning areas and multiple data views), WITH SHARED authorization relevant info-objects between them, should I create SEPARATE analysis objects pertaining to individual POS ?

PS: I do not know how SAP understands which Info-Object belongs to which Info-provider if multiple planning areas of multiple MPOS are included in the SAME role. (C_APO_FUN)

2) How on earth do I know which ALL info-objects MUST I make Authorization relevant and include in the Analysis Object (RSECADMIN) when to begin with I KNOW that I only want authorization restrictions for select characteristics of my info-provider. I do not much care about Navigational Chars or other implicitly RELATED chars (e.g. Product Group is an Attribute of Product but I only want to make Product group Authorization relevant. But it seems to EXPECT Product too to be included in the Analysis Authorization. Something I gather from logs in RSECADMIN

3) What am I expected to include in the Analysis Object ? Info-Objects or Characteristic ?

e.g. ZPRDGRP is an Info-Object (RSA1) but ZPROD_ZPRDGRP is the Attribute in the Info-provider. That is how it shows up.

4) Does Analysis Object make a distinction between Navigational Characteristic and plan able Characteristic?

5) Can I make Navigational Attribute ONLY Authorization relevant and make the Analysis 'work' ?

6) Can I use a COMMON analysis object to support multiple info-providers in the SAME role?



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