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SAP HANA Execute Immediate with [INTO ]

Feb 20 at 09:42 AM


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The Documentation for Execute Immediate unfortunately does not show how to use the into statement.

So how can i store the result of a dynamic SQL in a variable?


I need dynamic SQL since the table name and columns are variables like this:

dynSql := 'SELECT max(' || searchColName || ') ' || char(10);
dynSql := dynSql || 'FROM ' || tbl || char(10);
dynSql := dynSql || 'WHERE ' || whereColName || ' = ''' || whereColValue || '''';

execute immediate dynSql;-- into outputValue;

The variable content could be:

select max(TIMESTAMP)
where "UniqueId" = 'XXX123XX-EA9E-43F4-AB27-104B3E4DXXXX';

So how can i store the value of TIMESTAMP in the output variable of the stored proceedure?

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1 Answer

Florian Pfeffer
Feb 20 at 10:03 AM

I think the documentation is already quite clear regarding that (also not providing a code example). But you can check the blog here for an example.


PS: I assume you have already a HANA 2.0 SPS01 system to have this feature supported.

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OK that's the reason why it's not working.
We do not have HANA 2.0
Thx for the hint.

How to do it with HANA 1.0
with a temporary table?


Jep, with all the overload coming with it.