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SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS - using multiple API's

Feb 20 at 07:49 AM


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We have developed an application using SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. Application reads all products from Product Master API and we are planning to enhance the current application and include more API’s or one more API to read and display more/additional data. It would be helpful, if you can share any documents/references on how we can consume two API’s in the current application which is generated using the iOS SDK?

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1 Answer

Daniel Van Leeuwen
Feb 20 at 07:51 PM

I assume the API's are from an OData source? The following blog series shows step by step how to create a project, add the SAP iOS SDK libraries to the project, and then generate the proxy classes which can be used by the application to access the data exposed by the OData backend.

If you modify the backend OData source, I believe you would regenerate the proxy classes and re-add them to your project. Alternatively you could run the proxy generation step twice, once for each backend OData source and add the resultant classes to the project. Note, one of the generation options is --prefix which can be helpful if the two OData sources have conflicting names.

Hope that helps,

Dan van Leeuwen

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