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SAP QM Inspector Name

Dear expert,

I have inquiry regarding inspector name at QM result recording screen..the Inspector name captured in QE11 screen result recording is different with table QAMR- PRUEFER..for example, i change the inspector name for MIC 1 is Lee , following by MIC 2 is Mee and MIC 3 is Lee..After save and check from table QAMR- PRUEFER, all inspector name captured Lee for all 3 MIC..But check at QE11 screen, the inspector name Mee still there for MIC 2. Is there any way to make QE11 and QAMR- PRUEFER same?

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    Feb 21, 2018 at 12:17 PM

    Dear Nur Atikah Mohd Zaid,

    as far as I see you work with inspection points/physical samples. First of all, I would recommend to read KBA 1649587 - 'Explanation of the database table structure in the results recording in quality management', which is although not connected to the field PRUEFER (Name of the Inspector), but it contains relevant information about the database tables QAMR, QASR and QASE. This document is a very good starting point to collect some knowledge about the differences of these tables.

    The mentioned tables have more common features, like each one has field PRUEFER. However, the inspector might differ in the tables, if - for example - more inspectors record results for the characteristics of the inspection lot and inspection point.

    QAMR table is for characteristic level recording ('summarized' information, 'condensed' for all inspection points), QASR is for sample level recording ('summarized' information, if results are recorded for an inspection point), QASE is for single result/value level recording (see characteristics with control indicator 'Single results' ). Therefore, I would say it is not necessarily a problem/error if inspector is different in QAMR-PRUEFER than in transaction QE11 for an inspection point. I recommend to check also QASR-PRUEFER and if feasible QASE-PRUEFER too for the affected characteristic.

    Nevertheless, the Inspector can be influenced by different ways. Possibilities, which came to my mind:

    1. Initial recording. Generally, the inspector field is filled by the name which is initially entered in the field 'Inspector' on the initial screen of the results recording transaction. It can be influenced for example by user parameter QPR (see transaction SU3 --> Parameters tab for your user).
    2. Change within the results recording transaction. When you entered for example into QE11 for the lot in question, just goto menu 'Extras > Inspector, date and inspection time' or click the calendar-like button (Inspctr,date,insp.time). I did a quick test, and in case of this option and working with inspection points, field QASR-PRUEFER was updated, as you process the inspection point. To influence the QAMR-PRUEFER seems to be only possible at the start of the processing of the characteristic. QAMR-AENDERER might provide further information, who changed the relevant entry last time.
    3. Custom development. Use some BAdI or customer exit for influencing the field PRUEFER. For example BADI QE_SAVE, EXIT_SAPLQEEM_020. To find more exits and/or BAdIs while running your specific business scenario, you might put breakpoints at statement CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION (for exits) and/or Class CL_EXITHANDLER | Method get_instance (where variable exit_name stands for the BAdI name).

    Hope this information help you further.

    Have a nice day,


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