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Pricing Procedure For Different Materials at same PO

Feb 19 at 03:10 PM


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Hi everyone,

I need your help. I will explain my problem with simple demo.

MaterialA--> 0 - 100-->9 euro I can do this with follow scale determination.

100 - 200-->8 euro

MaterialB--> 0 - 100-->9 euro Also do this case.

100 - 200-->8 euro


Material A 75pcs 9 euro


Material B 75 pcs 9 euro

If these materials are ordered at same PO , the scale shoul be applicated to PO.


MatA (75pcs) + MatB(75pcs) =150 pcs. At the scale, price will be 8 euro for each pcs.

How can be solved this problem?



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This is not exactly my area, but aren't you describing group condition behavior?

A simple example to explain what I mean:

MatA - scales:

0-100 ->10 EUR/PC

100-200-> 9 EUR/PC

MatB - scales:

0-100-> 20 EUR/PC

100-200 -> 15 EUR/PC


Item 10 - MatA: 75 PC

Item 20 - MatB: 70 PC

Pricing result after Check PO:

Item 10: MatA -> determine scale 75+70 = 145 -> 9 EUR/PC

Item 20: MatB -> determine scale 145 -> 15 EUR/PC

I did not test if group condition+scales+group routine will result in what I described as I have no access to a system at the moment, this is just a guess.

If this is not what you had in mind - it may be easier for other members to understand the case if you do not use the same prices and scales for both materials.

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Jürgen L
Feb 19 at 03:52 PM

If all items would be the same material then SAP could eventually know where to check for the right scale. But if these are different which materials scale should SAP look? Imagine the scales could have been maintained differently per material.

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Thank you for your answers. Could be possible if I use group condition ? I couldn't understand exactly how to use it. I try to maintain and spend my time for taking result. The result is nothing. Thanks again.


As I said before, I do not believe that you can use group condition with scale for different materials, do a test having multiple items with the same material with different delivery dates.

Keep in mind that you wont see the effect if you are still maintaining the PO, since SAP can only consider the group condition when you save the PO, see OSS note 456691

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Thanks Jurgen,

You are right. When PO was saved, pricing procedure worked.

PRASOON AK Feb 19 at 03:40 PM


As of my knowledge, there is no direct option in standard to achieve the requirement. You may check the feasibility through a custom routine with your own logic, and assigned in the pricing procedure.



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