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Tablespace not empty after upgrade

Dear SAP experts,

In 2017 I upgraded our NetWeaver system from basis release 7.40 to 7.50. I then recently upgraded it from basis release 7.50 to 7.52. Before that, I had noticed that there were still a few tables (starting with TTREE...) in the old tablespace PSAP<SCHEMA>740, but I could handle them following SAP Note 1819182. This note also says:

"Regardless of your chosen solution, the problem no longer occurs in the case of further upgrades/updates of the same system."

Nevertheless, after the upgrade from 7.50 to 7.52, I found that the now old tablespace PSAP<SCHEMA>750 is not empty. The following tables and their indices are still in there:





Unfortunately, I cannot find any solution or note for these tables. Has anybody ever encountered similar problems or know how to deal with this? We are using Oracle database.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards


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2 Answers

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    Feb 19, 2018 at 05:32 PM

    I would move the tables from the old tablespace to the new tablespace using BR*Tools and drop the old tablespace. But as the note 1805195 - Handling and troubleshooting of tablespaces during SAP Upgrades, Enhancement Packages and Support Packages updates says that if the tables are not mentioned in any other SAP notes then you should contact the support. I am quite sure that they will suggest you to move the tables to the new tablespace using BR*Tools.

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    • Thanks for your reply! I found the following section in the note you provided:

      2) tablespace is not emtpy after upgrade, or tables/indexes are placed on the wrong tablespace.

      You can verify this with program checkDB (from BRCONNECT), a situation similar to the following:
      (from checkDB.log)

      BR0969I Checking database administration...
      BR0970W Database administration alert - level: WARNING, type: IN_WRONG_TABLESPACE, object: (table) SAPRP1.BCACT, value: PSAPSAP620

      There are still tables and/or indexes present on the old tablespace.

      Reason: they were not moved to the correct one, probably due to inconsistency on the TABART information prior to the upgrade. Notes #777615 and #778784 explain this situation.

      Solution: move the tables/indexes to the new tablespace using the specific database tool for this action. In Oracle it is BRSPACE (included in BRTOOLS), see note #646681. Note #1715052 covers this situation as well.

      So I will use the program checkDB and see if it finds these tables to be wrong in this tablespace, then I will move them. Otherwise I will contact the support.

      Thanks again, this was very helpful!

  • Feb 21, 2018 at 08:33 AM

    Hi Dominik,

    This happens quite often, especially if there are some logical inconsistencies in tables TAORA,IAORA,TSORA. The SUM tool tries to resolve this automatically, but it fails very often. This is why some tables remains in the old tablespaces, while others got moved to the new target tablespace.
    From SAP Support perspective I recommend to reorganize these tables in the new tablespace with BR*Tools. Before dropping the old tablespace howewer, please make sure there is no reference in TAORA,IAORA and TSORA for thes 'old' tablespace.

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