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Jul 07, 2008 at 02:32 PM

Company Codes versus Profit Center Accounting


My company recently upgraded to ECC 6.0. They have been on SAP for 7-8 years. Their configuration is very rudimentary as when they first started using SAP they only had one company code currency, USD. There was not any foresight in using multiple currencies in the future. Now they are debating whether to continue using multiple currencies or using Profit Center Accounting. I would like a discussion with the gurus on the pros and cons of FI Company Code vs. Profit Center Accounting under one Company Code.

I know there are no simple answers to this question but I'd like to hear some different perspectives on which way the gurus think a company should go.

A part of this discusion should include perspectives about the historical data. If they decide to go with Profit Center Accounting should we concern ourselves with moving historical data into the new Comapny Code/Profit Center alignment? In order to update the new company code should we use T-code GCU1 to pull historical data into the profit centers?

I look forward to your insightful replies.