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Real-time Data Replication to BW/4HANA from S/4HANA

Feb 18 at 11:52 PM


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Hi Experts,

We need to produce some real-time (or near real-time) reports out of BW/4HANA. The data is based on some of the LO extractors (2LIS_05* QM Datasources).

Since we already have a data model in BW/4 with the same datasources, we do not want to duplicate the effort to create a CDS based data model in S/4 for this report. Rather, we would prefer to get real-time data from S/4 to BW/4 using the same dataflow.

Is there a way to achieve this? I was told by someone that since these are ODP datasources, we should be able to get data from ODQ in a near real-time manner. However, that person did not have the full detail on how to do that in the system.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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1 Answer

Andrey Uryukin Feb 19 at 11:27 AM


Did you look at ODQMON in S4 side?

How it is replicated?

Did you try to create a streaming process chain at BW side?


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Hi Andrey,

I can see the datasource in ODQMON with its subscribers (BW DTPs). However, not sure how to get the data real-time into BW. It is replicated into a ODP_SAP (ODP - SAP Extractors) source system. We do not have SLT.

When I check the datasource in HANA Studio, it says Streaming is not supported - screenshot below. Is there any settings we need to do to make it support Streaming process chains?



streaming.png (12.1 kB)


I'm not sure but althought extractor is not streaming enabled I would try the next:

1. in bw create atest ptrocess chain with DTP

2. in DTP set delta and no PSA

3. in process chain tick "straming" and see if it get activated

4. test it