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LFA1 - STKZU Liable for VAT field Usage

Feb 21 at 03:04 PM


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Hello All,

Can someone please confirm whether this field (LFA1-STKZU) is mandatory to be ticked if a VAT registration number is populated for Vendor? Or will the field automatically become ticked in the event of populating the VAT reg field.

I have seen another thread from 2009 stating that this check box is only to be used for Vendors in Venezuela to enable VAT reporting but I am not convinced that is the case.

Can someone please shed some light on this?


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2 Answers

Harika Gali
Feb 22 at 08:50 AM


You can use this field STKZU for validating VAT, but for example if validating in MIRO or FB60,

you have to define in field status, you have to give tax Category.

The field of LFA1-STKZU is mainly used only for the info.

It is used in a few evaluation reports so it should not have any direct consequences on business processes in the FI.

The only reason why the field still exists is - some reports are linked to it as for example RFKKVZ00. Hope this helps.

Best regards,


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Thanks for your answer. Would you know whether the field is populated automatically where a VAT number exist? I presume that should be the case?

Madhu Maddula
Feb 22 at 08:57 AM


No, I feel thee is no link between the these two fields.

2575394 - Liable to VAT (LFA1-STKZU) field in transaction BP


Madhu Maddula

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Apologies, not understood your response.