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Activity Currently to be Confirmed


When we confirm the production orders , some Time :

- activity time is not calculated according to confirmed quantity.

- sometimes a wrong value.

we check OP4A And CR02 And Apparently no problem...

plz help me ...

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  • Hi


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    This is a very generic problem description and it's very difficult to help without information. Can you please provide a more detailed example?

    What was the confirmed quantity?

    What was the activity value posted?

    What is the expected value to be calculated after calculation?

    Which formula are you using?



  • tnx

    you are Right

    we have a few work center , and Confirm Activity time , with SAP006 formula

    for example :

    1- for 20.02.2018 07:15 to 20.02.2018 16:30 Result 870 min in case we have 90 min Break time

    2- for other day in other work center for 07:15 to 16:30 (shift time ) Result is 0 min , but for 12:45 to 13:45 it calc true

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