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Previous and DaysBetween functions filter

Feb 21 at 10:41 AM


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Hi gurus,

I would like to ask you for your help. I have column with dates and I need to create variable with days between and create filter, where is more than 120 days. I want only rows, where > 120. If I use Previous function, I can't filter anything and If I use RelativeValue function, it shows me empty cells.

filter1=DaysBetween([Date traitement];[Previous])*(-1)

filter2=If [filter1] > 122 Then 1 Else 0

Have you any Idea, how I can resolve this problem? Thank you for your replies

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2 Answers

James Barlow Feb 21 at 10:45 AM

Hi there,

Have you tried using the Rank function?

Rank column 1 -- top 1 based on the filter2 column

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Feb 21 at 11:28 AM

follow these steps.

After applying filter on filter1 where greater then 120 you will get the 1 row but previous and filter1 will be blank.

to display values in the previous variable use nofilter() function. =nofilter([Previous])

Same if you want to display filter1 in the table then use =nofilter([Filter1])

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Hello Amit,

Thank you for your response. If I want apply filter (If [filter1] > 122 Then 1 Else 0) on filter1, the report filter is empty and I can't apply anything, only null_value (I need to choose "1").

I tried to change dimension for measure in filter2, but it shows only one row, that isn't greather than 122.

I don't understand, how to use nofilter function in this case. Could you explain to me, how use it please? Thank you


First create Filter 1 as dimension variable.After that apply filter on Filter 1 variable where greater then 122.

If it will work then you will get one row where value is 123 in your screenshot.but after applying filter you will get blank in the Previous column in the table.To display value which is 17.10.17 in the column add nofilter function.

=nofilter([Your previous variable]) here adding the no filter function will display the value which is 17.10.17


If I understand, I have to filter on filter1 variable... but there aren't values to choose:

ooo.jpg (27.8 kB)

but have you tried with typing value in "Type values here" box?