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Problem DialPad - Transfer in Interaction Center

Feb 21 at 09:20 AM


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Hi experts,

We are implement SAP IC, in the Development environment every thing is working fine.
But in the Integrated environment when a agent gets a call in CRM and tries to do a warm transfer , the problem arises. When using the transfert function, by using the button 'Dial' nothing happens.
In the Integrated environment Agent presence list not scrollab, however in Development environment is different and working fine, DialPad different, etc.

Development environment:

Integrated environment:

I have seen some SAP notes but in the development environment I have not applied any for this and it is working correctly.

any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards

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Bruno Garcia Feb 22 at 07:02 AM

Hi Schez,

Maybe you have a business function activated in your development environment that is not activated in your integrated system.
Can you compare them, especially the ones with prefix CRM_IC*?

Kind regards,

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Hi Bruno,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, this is probably the reason because in my integrated system these functions is not activated.

How can I activate these functions in my integrated system? I Can´t activate from transaction SFW5.

Is it possible to transport from development system?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards.


Hi Schez,

You have two options:

- Open the client for modifications in your integrated system and activate the business functions there; Problem is that in production system you would have to perform the same so it might be not so good.

- Transport all business functions from your development system to your integrated system (before you ask, I don't think it's possible to transport only some business functions). For that, you have an option in the menu on the top that you can try it;

Hope that this might help you a little more.

Kind regards,