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Fuel Consumption Booking for Outside Fuel (Not stored in Inventory)

Oct 26, 2016 at 02:31 PM


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Dear Team Members,

My Client having the fleet of 500+ trucks and he wants to record the fuel Qty and KMS at the time refueling. Using IFCU I can able to record the Fuel Qty and KMS.

My main concern and difficulty that how to book a cost of fuel on cost centres assigned in vehicle master directly since we don't store any vehicle in inventory. All drivers fill the Fuel at the gas station and then deposit slip in travel department, which keeps a record of these slips.

Let me know if any one maps this scenario for their client. Kinldly share your comment for same as I am unable to find solution on google/scn.


Atul Rajmane

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1 Answer

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Former Member Jan 09, 2017 at 09:41 AM

Hi Atul,

Mentioned scenario is difficult to map in standard, but there are workarounds.

1. For each vehicle create a maintenance order (With 1 year validity) & assign as equipment in this order and keep it released for whole year. (Suitable cost center will be inherited from Equipment master)

2. Design a custom report transaction (Use order change BAPI), so whenever fuel slip comes HR can post the fuel cost against this order (As material component consumption). So the person has to enter Date, Order no & Fuel Qty.

3. Periodically settle this order to cost center.



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