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Jul 06, 2008 at 04:07 AM

Connecting BI to Portal


Dear all,

I am configuring the connection between Portal and BI.

My system is all in one, means BI and Portal is in the same SID.

(NW 7.0, BI -Java included).

I follow the step in the documentation of report RSPOR_SETUP

I have following doubts

1. Why when I run this RSPOR_SETUP report, the system display the message "No vendor specified", what does this mean?>

2. In step 8 of the documentation, it says

Execute the following steps to configure user management in the portal.

1. Log on to the portal.

2. Start the iView System Administration -> System Configuration -> Configuration for User Management.

3. Choose tab page Security Settings.

4. Under SAP Reference System, enter the system alias of the BW system (see Creating BI Systems in the Portal ). The default system alias of the BI system has to be entered.

Only one system can be specified as the SAP reference system. The SAP reference system cannot be the BI system. However, as it is not the BI system, the technical user name of the BI system has to be identical to the technical user name of the SAP reference system.

5. Save your entries.

However, I could not find the "Configuration for User Management" menu step in System configuration.

Please help.