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Delivery not showing up in MD04 - STO process

Feb 19 at 04:11 PM


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Hi all,

I've read a few threads on this subjects but haven't found my answer.

My problem :

checking group KP seems to take my STO (intra company) delivery out of the requirements.

My data & customizing:

material with checking group KP
Delivery type is ZNL copy of NL, Delivery item type is ZNLN copy of NLN and the Schedule line category is NN (standard no update).

My material has a copy of strategy 40 (Z4) giving a SD requirement class 50 (keeping atp check and requirement transfer active).

What my tests data shows:

CASE 1 - with the data above : STO comes in the supplying plant requirement list in MD04 and is MRP relevant. VL10B to create the Delivery : the Delivery doesn't appear in MD04 for the supplying plant (and of course the STO disappears). the Delivery doesn't appear in VBBE table.

CASE 2 - I change the checking group to 02 : STO is replaced by the Delivery which can be seen in MD04. in LIPS table, this Delivery has the exact same data as the previous one but it appears in VBBE table.


Why does the checking group have any impact on the requirement transfer?? if it is because NN category doesn't allow req transfer, then how come this seems to be ignored in the second case?
On another system both cases (KP and 02) work fine and my delivery is planned & mrp relevant but the customizing is exactly the same as shown above...

any thoughts?


ob22w.png (18.3 kB)
76rjs.png (20.5 kB)
zut39.png (19.0 kB)
qafck.png (8.3 kB)
qdgzo.png (13.4 kB)
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Jürgen L
Feb 23 at 03:04 PM

I would not know how to help, this is just teeming with Z. and you also are saying that another system is working with these settings.

I can hence just assume that the programs are different, maybe different release, maybe user exits or BAdIs which are different

You may start with OSS notes which explain certain settings like this: 181990 - No transfer of requirement during check KP

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Former Member

Thanks for the answer Jürgen, you are right about the other systems unfortunately Nothing in the customizing are enhancement is different, I am missing something.

I've checked this note and a couple of others but the described cases do not apply here.

I'll keep looking and let you know

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I have spoken too fast, your OSS note was exactly what I was looking for as I was in an MTO process using project stock with WBS elements. On the other environment, I was also on MTO but only for half of the end to end process.

many thanks

G Lakshmipathi
Feb 20 at 08:24 AM

It is the standard that if the Availability Check is (MARC-MTVFP) set to 02, the related orders / deliveries will get updated in VBBE table. If the Availability Check is set to 01, then you need to check in VBBS table.

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Thank you for your answer.

My question is why am I not able to see my Delivery with availibility check = KP when I can see it with availibility check = 02 ?


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Former Member Feb 23 at 02:28 PM

Hello SAP community,

Any help really would be much appreciated, and I am here to answer all questions you could have to be more precise!

thank you

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Robyn Couch Feb 25 at 11:04 AM

Are you sure NN is the standard schedule line category? In my experience, it would be NL and the w/o MRP in the schedule line category rings my internal alarm bells.

If the schedule line category is not MRP relevant and you have the checking rule set to KP (no checking?) then there is no reason to transfer the requirements data.

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Hi Robyn,

thanks for your answer, I agree NN seems to be MRP independant and so it would be normal, but this customizing has always transfered our requirements in the MRP without any enhancements.

Is there a way to check the Schedule line category of a delivery? I've seen the table that links the line category to a sales order item but not to the delivery item.