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Been looking for a SAP Query Functional or/and technical Spec Template

Feb 18 at 10:08 PM


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Hello everyone,

Been looking for a SAP Query Functional or/and Technical Spec Template to enrich our knowledge base database without success, can't find any specific for SAP Query and we would like to include this objects in the Development Lifecycle Process, does anyone have one that would be able and willing to share?, thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Julio Cesar

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2 Answers

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Jelena Perfiljeva
Feb 20 at 10:50 PM

In general, a spec for a query would be essentially the same as for an ABAP report. It'd need to show the business purpose and what fields are needed on the selection screen and in the report itself. It should also state what business logic is required and which users should have access. IMHO the functional specification should not dictate how it to be implemented. If business logic is too complex or if data look-up would be too complex / inefficient in a Query, an ABAPer would decide if it should be implemented more effectively as an ABAP report.

We used queries a lot in my old job, even the functional folks got comfortable with them and were creating their own without very little to no help. Never wrote any specifications for them at all. Infoset/query name is usually sufficient to describe business purpose and the details are easily visible in SQ01/02. There is no need for ABAP code in a query and if any code is added it should be minimal and self-documenting.

There is no unit etc. testing for query to speak of. Just run it, make sure it shows what expected and doesn't run too long. That's pretty much it. I feel you're over-complicating this.

There are many good blogs about queries on SCN, this one is a good starting point. Others can be found in Google with "sap query".

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Thank you for your answer.

Matthew Billingham
Feb 19 at 06:29 AM

Why not design your own? How hard can it be?

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Hi Matthew,

Not sure how hard could it be but I am pretty sure once I become a rock star like you I will be able to create it, at this point of time I will start working with SAP Query so it is going to take sometime for me to be able to define what are the different aspects to consider aside from tables, joining fields and ABAP code in the Query and as I will start creating some queries a template of what's required would be really helpful for me to analyze, design and create objects properly and then enhance a template in case required, thanks.

Best regards,

Julio Cesar


I'm totally confused now... In the original question you're asking for a spec "template". I agree with Matthew that creating a spec template in Word takes all but 5 minutes and does not require any "rock star" knowledge. It is also not different in any way for the queries than for other objects. And Google finds 2190 hits for "functional specification template" if you need something to start with.

But what you're saying in this comment about "different aspects" sounds like a completely different question. How is this related to the spec template? What is your question exactly and what do you expect as an answer?


Hello Jelena,

Thank you for your answer. Let me try to explain myself better.

I did mentioned I need a spec template, a SAP Query Spec Template either functional and/or technical. I am not myself really familiar with SAP Query so it is not easy for me to create one, I will start to create SAP Queries so I will explore everything about it with online documentation and in the system. A spec template would help me understand what are the considerations to have when a SAP Query is designed and created, I can think of the basic details such as Query Area, User Group, Infoset, Tables/Views, Joining Fields and ABAP Code if any implemented but I am not sure if those are the only things you need to evaluate when designing and creating SAP Queries aside from the typical as Unit, Integration and Stress Test.

I am not lazy or just trying to get everything as easy as possible, usually I create my own templates of the areas that I am familiar with, for sure after some work and time on it I will be able to come up the same but I don't think it is a bad thing to reach out to ask if maybe someone has one that can help me start with as a SAP Query Specification Template and it will help me identify specific details I might be loosing due my lack of knowledge with SAP Queries, so I can start designing and developing this objects the best way possible for me considering the lack of knowledge.

Thank you.

Best regards,