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ABAP Programming Model for SAP Fiori : BOPF on VBAK

Feb 18 at 04:11 PM


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I need some insigth on BOPF inplementation. I want to create a simple Sales Order transactional application by following the example from the help.

But what I want is not using EPM demo table (which is not the real life) but VBAK and VBAP.

When the BOPF is generated, I want to bypass the "normal" behavior of the API by using the BAPI : BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2.

Do I have to create a Determination, if yes, how to stop the database writing process and replace it by the BAPI.

Because at this point, my BOPF is linked to VBAK.



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1 Answer

Ramesh Vodela Feb 18 at 04:57 PM

One way is to create Ztables with the fields that you plan for the VBAK and VBAP and then look at the CRUD methods that are callled in the implementations and redefine these methods or do enhancments to call the bapi and skip the Ztable CRUD . It is possible there could be a better way.


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Thanks for your answer,

But if you say rigth, it means that there will be doublon with the ZTable.

At least, how to skip the record to the ZTable ? (probably it is a dumb question, but I'm new in BOPF API).




See the url -

in the section custom business action ‘ZTOGL_URL_SLASH’ - this should help you to figure out.