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Feb 18, 2018 at 12:31 PM

IDES HANA SAP FIORI Error / How is it to correct?



I need help in an Fiori configuration:

Frontend IDF with an Sybase DB

Backend IDS with an HANADB

Systemalias is IDS_400

If I click on an APP on Firoi Lounchpad we geht the Error


APP: Hauptbuch - vorerfasste Belege -> Vorerfasste Buchungsbelege buchen

This is an predefined destination in the IDES System. HTTP RFC.

How and where can i config the destination to the Backend System IDS ?

To create a HTTP RFC to IDS_400 is not the Problem.

But how and where must i configurate the call from the app to another HTTP RFC and not to the standart at IDES ?

Thank for any help.