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IDM 7.2- User provisioning is not happening.

Dear Experts,

I have IDM7.2 system which is connected to SAP system (repositories). The provisioning stopped working suddenly. There are no error logs in system log, job log. The dispatcher is working fine.

After all efforts, i have recreated dispatcher script. (our runtime is installed on Linux OS). The files (.sh & .prop) copied from Windows server to Linux OS. I have copied DSECLASSPATH= & JDBCDRIVERS= from old file to new file. Now new dispatcher file (.sh file) is not executing..

It gives below error

FATAL - Prelog - Can not initialize dispatcher configuration (prop file): Io exception: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection

The old dispatcher (.sh) file is able to run successfully.

What could be solution to start new (.sh) file????????

Basis team confirmed that port number (1521) is correct...

The below is DSE log file


[id6adm@putspidm01 53520C65-4FB7-4D6E-98BD-1ECC2A191919]$ more DSE.log

26.10.2016 03:00:27 :I:DSE.JAR version: Built: 13.11.2014 15:03:28 - 203155 (c) Copyright 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved.

26.10.2016 03:00:27 :I:IdentityCenter Version:

26.10.2016 03:00:27 :I:Java version: 1.6.0_65

26.10.2016 03:00:27 :I:Java home: /usr/sap/ID4/idm/identitycenter/Java/sapjvm_6/jre

26.10.2016 03:00:27 :I:CLASSPATH: /usr/sap/ID4/idm/identitycenter/Java/DSE.jar:/usr/sap/ID4/idm/identitycenter/Java:/usr/sap/ID4/idm/identitycenter/Java/sapjco3.jar::/u



26.10.2016 03:00:27 :I:Java lib/ext: /usr/sap/ID4/idm/identitycenter/Java/sapjvm_6/jre/lib/ext-sap:/usr/sap/ID4/idm/identitycenter/Java/sapjvm_6/jre/lib/ext:/usr/java/p


26.10.2016 03:00:28 :I:Licensed to SAP customer

26.10.2016 03:00:28 :I:License key: f9c1c5cd66189d133765ac44ea6c127a

26.10.2016 03:00:28 :I:runPass:Fromsource ASCII

26.10.2016 03:00:30 :I:initPass FromASCII: Read Identity Data From CSV File

26.10.2016 03:00:30 :E: - /usr/sap/ID4/idm/hrdfconfig/Upload/IDENTITY/SAPC_Identity_Import.csv (No such file or directory)

26.10.2016 03:00:30 :E:FromASCII.init failed

26.10.2016 03:00:30 :I:exit FromASCII

26.10.2016 03:00:30 :I:Fromsource ASCII pass completed in 1.66 seconds.

26.10.2016 03:00:30 :I:Handled: 0 Failed: 2

26.10.2016 03:00:30 :I:runPass:ToIDStore

26.10.2016 03:00:30 :I:Initializing custom pass ToIDStore: Write Identity Data To SAPC Identity Store

26.10.2016 03:00:33 :I:ToIDStore pass completed in 2.544 seconds.

26.10.2016 03:00:33 :I:Handled: 0

26.10.2016 03:00:33 :I:Job completed in 4.471 seconds.

26.10.2016 03:00:33 :I:Handled: 0 Failed: 2

26.10.2016 03:00:33 :I:Total time used is 5.629 seconds.

[id6adm@putspidm01 53520C65-4FB7-4D6E-98BD-1ECC2A191919]$


Job log screenshot as below which shows successfull entry.

job-log.png (28.6 kB)
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2 Answers

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    Feb 05, 2017 at 06:43 AM

    Sorry for delay in reply. Actually, the issue is resolved after changing IP address to hostname of AD repository...there was DB connection error in system logs for respective AD and after changing to hostname, all issues resolved.

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    • Hello Imran,

      glad it was resolved and thanks for sharing what the solution was. I have unaccepted my reply and accepted yours on your behalf, because that was the correct one for your issue. This will help other members find it more easily. :)




  • Nov 08, 2016 at 03:10 PM

    Hello Imran,

    is your question about two issues? The dispatcher not starting and the job not working?

    In the job log I see this:

    26.10.2016 03:00:30 :E: - /usr/sap/ID4/idm/hrdfconfig/Upload/IDENTITY/SAPC_Identity_Import.csv (No such file or directory)

    Have you checked that there is a file with that name at that location? It looks like you have a From ASCII pass named "Read Identity Data From CSV File" that wants to read it into the Identity store and since the file is missing, the job dumps.




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