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Jul 03, 2008 at 07:18 PM

Alerts thrown on every retry



I've searched and have found previous threads on this issue, but never any resolution. We have a generic alert category defined for all errors that occur in the integration engine and adapter engine. We configured rsxmb_restart_messages to retry the message for a maximum of 10 times in the event of an error occurring in the mapping step. So, we get an additional alert/email for each retry of the same message. If there are multiple distinct failures, the number of emails can escalate very quickly. Is there a way to configure XI alerts so that only the first error for a distinct message id throws an alert? Using the "Suppress Multiple Alerts of This Rule " parm in the RWB alert configuration is not sufficient because this requires that an alert for a specific rule be confirmed before the recipients will receive subsequent alerts/emails. We want every distinct error to send an email/alert regardless of whether the alert is confirmed. What we require is a way to limit the number of alerts for a specific msg id to a single occurence (max of once in the adapter engine and once in the integration engine). Is there a way to accomplish this? There really should be because it makes it much harder to know that there are problems when you receive hundreds (sometimes thousands) of emails that represent a much smaller number of actual errors.


Jeff Kocur